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Why Creating And Sharing Great Content Creates New Opportunities


Casey Neistat, film director and creator of the HBO series The Neistat Brothers shares his story from early YouTube beginnings, gaining audiences, to creating videos for Nike, and leveraging his creative passion as his only career: How to travel the world and get companies to pay for it.

We found this article particularly inspiring to share to CoPromoters, many who use our platform as a way to promote their art, music, books, or brand. One of the great things about being a content creator is being able to make connections with people who share your interests and high level of passion for your work. Great content can open new doors, build connections, and attract new opportunities.

While there isn’t always a clear path to every person’s success, here are some points mentioned by Casey to consider before you start your next post or project:

Create for yourself and create for an audience.

When people like your work, and hire you to do their work, you create a mutually beneficial relationship, which in turn garners you positive attention. Stay true to your work and engage other people in order for them to like you and your work.

Be confident and take risks.

It’s easy to play it safe and follow the current trend in your market. But this keeps you from creating the content you want, making it difficult for others to recognize your own work. Only by taking risks, and by selling your idea can you create the opportunities you want.

Why is this so great for CoPromoters?

Other members can sell you on your idea by sharing it to their fans and followers. It’s a win-win situation because members also want to share great content to their followers.

When you create a promotion, think about starting a conversation in your message that will create interest – i.e. “Most people make music through instruments, she makes it through plants. Love it, do you? [LINK] #innovation”

Like the old adage, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” You never know who may be checking out your content!

We’re always happy to hear feedback from CoPromoters who have been successful with their promotions. Reach out @CoPromote or email if you’d like to share with us your success or comments!


CoPromote CEO Q&A with The Makegood: Increase Views on your Promotions with the CoPromote Platform

CoPromote CEO Mike More was featured in a Q&A on the media and technology blog, The Makegood.

In the interview titled Increase Views on your Promotions with the CoPromote Platform, he highlights how CoPromote’s post exchange platform empowers content creators of all kinds to reach compatible, new audiences, and scale their marketing network on the social web – quickly, easily, and in many cases, for free.

The members with the best content get the most shares and the most out of CoPromote. On average we can help our members get 26x more new shares per social post. As members use CoPromote, we help them build a network of people who like and share their content. CoPromote members who share content from fellow members are 97% likely to share content from that member a second time.

He also mentions our latest project in the works: CoPromote’s mobile app.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 12.12.41 PM

Click through to read more: http://www.the-makegood.com/2014/06/16/how-to-increase-views-on-your-promotions-with-the-copromote-platform/

Sign up for CoPromote and start sharing your content with thousands of new people beyond your own social circle: https://copromote.com/


Product Update: New “How It Works” Page

We have updated CoPromote’s How It Works page to give new users a quick preview of how CoPromote’s platform helps content creators reach new audiences by exchanging social posts.

Scroll through to see how easy it is to register, choose a post for sharing, and watch it spread on the social web through people just like you.

The more posts you exchange through our community, the larger your CoPromote network becomes, and the more new people you reach with every post – for free!


How It Works Page2

Learn How to Become a YouTube Star From Kandee Johnson

Camille Santochi (@omitofo) of Fusion sat down with makeup artist, beauty blogger, and YouTube star Kandee Johnson, on what it’s like to share content to over 2 million followers on her YouTube channel.

For content creators interested in starting their own YouTube channel or are already embracing it, Kandee offers some good advice:

“Make sure that you’re starting for the right reason. Make sure that you’re starting YouTube because you want to help people — because you want to entertain people. Not because you want to get free products or because you want to be “YouTube famous” Always talk like you’re talking to your best friend or sister.”

Takeaway: It’s awesome to get feedback for your content and videos. But remember to be yourself; Be authentic, likable, and relatable to who you’re looking to reach out to.

Share your YouTube video or channel on CoPromote to get mentioned by new audiences, reach more followers, and grow your network. One share by a CoPromote member for your video means more possibilities for additional shares and engagements by hundreds to thousands of new people!

Create a promotion today.

See the video at Fusion.

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How To Write A Great Tweet And Get Reach

Buffer and Jimmy Hang of Twitter for Small Business @TwitterSmallBiz (our new partner), co-hosted a webinar last week with great suggestions on how to get more clicks, retweets, and reach. We’ve summarized some key points and how you can optimize your tweets to get shared by the CoPromote community.

Click through to Fast Company‘s excellent and comprehensive post for the details.

1. You want your followers to take actions that will benefit your business.

Twitter users follow a median of six brands on Twitter, looking for things like interesting and fun content, news and updates, discounts and promos and more. 



2. Keep tweets conversational.

Think about how your content will be consumed by your followers. Would they want to retweet it or pass it along to others? Here are some conversational examples: 3030462-inline-i-3-3030462-a-scientific-guide-to-writing-great-tweets-how-to-get-more-clicks-retweets-and-reach

3. Use Viral Words And Phrases To Get Retweets

Salesforce found that tweets that specifically ask followers to “retweet” receive 12X higher retweet rates than those that do not. Twitter_101__How_To_Get_More_Clicks__Retweets__And_Reach___Fast_Company___Business___Innovation 3030462-inline-i-6-3030462-a-scientific-guide-to-writing-great-tweets-how-to-get-more-clicks-retweets-and-reach So the general rule that action words make for stronger, more compelling writing is also true for tweets.

4. Optimize for Your Goal

Tweet with a goal in mind. Include a strong call-to-action with a link to your website. 3030462-inline-i-7-3030462-a-scientific-guide-to-writing-great-tweets-how-to-get-more-clicks-retweets-and-reach

5. Keep It Short

Research by Track Social on 100 well-known brands popular on Twitter found that the sweet spot for tweet length is right around 100 characters.

6. Photos and video can make content twice as engaging

Rich media like photos and Vine or YouTube videos to drive retweets–it can double engagement with users.


CoPromote works to get your tweets viral to the right audiences, so remember to follow these tips when setting up your posts for sharing – and just importantly: engage your audience to increase your reach! You put all that work into setting up the post, get the most of out it by following up and engaging your new audience to build loyalty.