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Kevin Spacey Shouts-out CoPromote at Content Marketing World 2014

Oscar winner and entrepreneur Kevin Spacey recently gave CoPromote a shout-out in his closing keynote at Content Marketing World 2014.

In his speech he focuses on the three pillars of content and strategy: conflict, authenticity, and the audience. Highlighting distribution, he focused on channels like Youtube and applications like CoPromote that empower content creators to reach new audiences directly.

“Platforms like CoPromote are making it easier for creators to build audiences through social media…”

Check out the clip below, and keep his advice in mind.


How To Target Your Boosted Posts In 3 Steps Using CoPromote’s Updated Categories

When CoPromote launched as music app Headliner.fm, targeting was easy: everyone was a musician, so targeting was simply a matter of choosing a genre that fit. When CoPromote grew to include all content creators – bloggers, app developers, small businesses – it became necessary to update our categories to help a more diverse community better target its boosted posts. Below is a list and preview of the updated categories, subcategories, and how to use them when you boost a post. To drill down to a subcategory, just click on the main group to flip the panel.

Main Categories

  • Music                              
  • Fashion & Beauty              
  • News & Politics
  • Entertainment & Media        
  • Lifestyle, Home & Travel      
  • Sports
  • Gaming                            
  • Food & Drinks                
  • Science & Technology Business & Finance
  • Spiritual, Charity & Education    
  • Art, Photography & Design

Preview of Subcategories. To see all of the subcategories, click HERE. 


How to target audiences using the new categories.

1) After you boost a post with a link from any of your social pages Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr you will see the screen below: boost a post top categories

2) Once a category is chosen, you will be prompted to choose your subcategories so that we can target your audience better.

boost a post sub categories

3) You can choose up to three relevant categories so that you will be matched with a larger pool of CoPromoters. You can also adjust your categories and interests under Account Settings in the main Profile tab.

user settings category selector user settings

Identifying Your Strategy and Measuring Your Results

Imagine you’re invited on a journey but the person doesn’t tell where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, or how you will know when you’ve arrived. The more adventurous among us would have no problem going along for the ride.

Social marketing, however, is not a ride. Social marketing today is how a lot of people build awareness, loyalty, and sales for their product, content, and brands. They invest not only money, but time and energy into promoting their work.

How, then, do you approach social marketing effectively? You begin, as always, by asking the right questions:

  • What are your goals?
  • How will you achieve them?
  • How do you measure the success of your social media campaign?

The good folks at Buffer have put together a post to help social marketers identify their goals, game plan, and metrics. We’ve summarized a few of the key points for CoPromote members. For more details, click through to read How to Build a Social Media Strategy and Measure the Results via @buffer By Kevan Lee.

What Kind of Campaign Are You Boosting? 

  • Awareness
  • Loyalty
  • Sales

Metrics for Measuring Boost Success

  • Awareness: growth (followers, shares), engagement (replies, comments, retweets), shareability (boosts), likes, subscribes
  • Loyalty: engagement (replies), sentiment (comments), influence (retweets/re-shares)
  • Sales: clicks, sales/downloads, conversion rates (join, register)

PIM: Plan, Implement, Measure

From the planning and implementation stages, you will already have a sense of the goals you want to achieve. Keeping in mind the metrics will give you a clear view of what to track and help you see if your implementation aligns with the plan you have set forth. Optimizing will help you identify whether it is important to change up your game plan or continue in a steady pace. In Buffer’s words, when it comes to strategy and metrics: Revisit, Revisit and Revisit.

To read more, click through to the original post, “How to Build a Social Media Strategy and Measure the Results” via @buffer By Kevan Lee: https://blog.bufferapp.com/social-media-strategy

CoPromote Launches Redesign And “Boost A Post”

Starting today, you can simply import your news feeds from your social networks to boost a post, posts will behave like native retweets and shares, and the entire site has a cleaner interface.

flow without offer


  • Our new layout makes it easier for members to manage their accounts and launch promotions in just a few of clicks.
  • Register or log in with a social ID, connect your networks, pick a post to boost, track its performance, boost other members’ posts to add content to your news feeds and grow your network – all in a few seconds. Navigate by clicking on the ShareTrack and Boost tabs.

share page (empty)

Boost a Post

  • The message creation box has been replaced with “Boost a Post”, which imports members’ Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr news feeds – eliminating the need to write a custom message from scratch. To select a post for boosting, simply tab through your connected networks. Adios, “Create a Promotion” box! 
  • An added benefit to “Boost a Post” is that messages post as native retweets or shares. Members no longer have to add “RT” or “Via” to posts, or worry about attribution. Followers will see the posts and recognize them as regular retweets or shares by others. The engagements will be counted on the original post, so the owner will see it on their news feeds.

boost a post twitter
How do I share a custom message like before?

To use CoPromote, all members need to have an existing Facebook page, Twitter or Tumblr account in order to get their content shared. Pages and tweets must also be publicly visible. If you don’t have a social page setup, click the links here to sign up:


To share content from your WordPress blog, media, or website, simply post the message you want shared as a new post or tweet on your social account and include the link to the content.

Then, you can select the new post for your new promotion when you click Boost. Voila! See our FAQ for more information.

Why did we make these changes?

We want your messages to get shared. Making it easier to import your news feeds and share posts natively will result in higher quality posts, more shares, and a better experience for everyone!

We always welcome feedback, so please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Login and Boost a Post

– Community Support