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What is CoPromote?

CoPromote is a free co-marketing platform to help people connect with new audiences and increase their social shares on Facebook and Twitter. Every day people are joining CoPromote to earn more real engagements by real people for their content.

People who use CoPromote are anyone who has great content they want shared: Authors, artists, bloggers, brands, businesses, designers, musicians, photographers, tastemakers, and more.

Share a message to thousands of new fans by running promotions. It’s fast and simple.

We do the work in matching you with like-minded members who are likely to share your message. We supply detailed metrics for every promotion you run, so you know exactly how effective your promotion has been.

Many other sites offer people opportunities to upload and share their media and posts to slowly gain fans, or offer an inorganic way to purchase fans and engagements. Only CoPromote offers a trustful way to leverage social sharing and make targeting the right fans easy for you.

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I have questions. :-)

Not sure how to use CoPromote? Let us know, we’re always happy to help. There are many ways to reach out to us:

1) Send a email to support@copromote.com
2) Tweet us @copromote
3) Start a chat with us on Live Help on any of our pages. We are around weekdays, EST.
4) Start a support ticket by clicking the Help & Support tab when logged into your account.


Promotions (7)

What Is A Promotion?

A promotion is a short message that includes a sentence or two about content you want other people to engage with and a shareable link. Content you promote should be original and yours.

See Create A Promotion to learn more.

CoPromote encourages people to exchange shareable content. When you share content with us, you build your network and members who share your content will be added to your CoPromote Network.

Copromote by creating promotions and sharing promotions to connect and reach new target audiences.

When you accept a promotion request from another person, they are sent out in the form of status updates on the requested social networks you have linked: Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr.


What Should My Promotion Message Be?

Content creators don’t often ask themselves why anyone would be interested in their work. They are devoted, passionate and inspired about it and believe that should be obvious and appealing to people.

In theory, this is true. But you have to think practically: Your content, however awesome it is, is still competing for people’s attention in a very crowded, and easily distracted Internet. Understanding how you can make your messages stand out and get other people’s attention is essential to your marketing success.

Your promotion should always include your name (or name you represent) and a working link. Be clear, descriptive, and direct in what you are promoting. Remember that what you write is exactly what other people will see so make a good impression!


RT @NickyDigital Join me! DL @Wendr and plan the #BestNightOut to become featured. {Link URL} #free #app

How is @CoPromote free to use? We leverage your followers & sharing activity. #KarmaCash More info http://copromote.com

Media and Social posts also work best to increase new engagements to your content.

Promote a post from your connected accounts from Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, SoundCloud, or Vimeo. We pull in your most recent posts and media to automatically go into your promotion message. Customize it to say something louder.

Like alternative music? Check out (ARTIST NAME) and get a free track. {Link to URL/i.e. SoundCloud track} #songofthesummer #alternative

Writing Tips:

  1. Other people are posting your message to their social pages so avoid using first-person such as ‘I’, ‘My’, ‘Me’, ‘Our’, or ‘Us’. Instead use your preferred name or name of the brand or page you are promoting so people will be able to identify you.
  2. Media posts often perform better to reach higher social engagements. Link to your latest blog post, image, song, or video.
  3. If you are promoting something time-sensitive, schedule your promotion in advance and mention your deadline (i.e. contests or events).
  4. Check your link! Make sure it’s working so we can track new engagements.
  5. Promoting to Twitter? #Hashtags make it easy for people to find your message by topic. Consider adding one relevant to your topic.
  6. Are you requesting an action or feedback? Comment, Listen, Download, Watch, Retweet….
  7. Create messages that are positive, engaging, generate curiosity and offer something special or exclusive to new audiences.
  8. Remember to engage your audience and be creative!

If you’re not sure how to word your message, send us a message!


How Much Does Running A Promotion Cost?

Members “pay” for promotions using a virtual currency called “Karma Cash”.

1 New Fan Reach = 1 Karma Cash used.

The exact cost of running a promotion on CoPromote is equal to the total number of fans the people who recommend you have in Karma Cash. When you create a new promotion, we will estimate how many fans you can reach based on your current Karma Cash balance. Karma Cash will only be deducted when another member recommends your message.

Unsubscribed users are deducted a promotion fee of 15% for each recommendation.

Example: A member with 5,000 fans who recommends you will cost unsubscribed users 5,750 Karma Cash. Subscribed members will be waived the promotion fee and it will cost you 5,000 Karma Cash for that one social transaction.



When Will My Promotion Message Be Shared?

There are 3 time slots: Morning (11 AM EST), Afternoon (3 PM EST) and Evening (7 PM EST). Everyone on CoPromote can approve up to 3 promotion requests per calendar day.

The exact day and time your promotion will be scheduled to post will depend on the copromoter who recommends your promotion and how many scheduled promotion requests they have already approved.

The earliest a promotion can be posted is the day after a promotion has been recommended. For example, if a member approves your promotion request today, and they have no previously approved scheduled promotions,  the earliest the promotion can post is tomorrow.

This means your promotion may be posted at a later date if a member has already accepted the maximum number of promotions for the next few days.

See Track Your Promotion to learn more.


How Long Will My Promotion Run?

You can select how long you want your promotion to run. You can create a promotion that runs for as short as 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, or as long as 30 days. The longer you run your promotion, the higher your chance of getting recommended by other members. Longer promotions work best if you have sufficient karma cash or only have 1 campaign you want to run.


How Many Promotions Can I Run?

Basic members can run one promotion at a time. Subscribers can run an unlimited number of promotions at a time simultaneously.

The real number of promotions you can run is based on how much available Karma Cash you have. The more Karma Cash you have, the more promotions you will be able to complete and get better results.


Why Is My Promotion Not Successful?

Every promotion you create on CoPromote will be sent out as a Promotion Request to other members of our community and must be manually approved before if it is promoted. Therefore, people will be selective in what content they choose to promote on their networks.

There are several reasons someone may choose not to accept your promotion request. Note that these reasons are not always related to you and your work. Some promotions will outperform others based on level of interest, so don’t get discouraged.

Here are some common reasons for lack of recommendations and where you can improve:

Engagement Level

You want to capture the attention of your audience when they see your post. Make your message stand out by asking other people to engage with your content.

Tip: Experiment. If people aren’t sharing after a few days, stop the promotion and start a new one with a different message. If you’re not sure where to improve, send us a message and we’re happy to offer some suggestions!

First Person versus Third Person

The most common reason promotions aren’t recommended is that they are written from a first person point of view, i.e. “I/My/Our/We/Us/”. Your promotion is shared on other people’s network feeds so it would be confusing. Try to avoid and use only your name or third person, i.e. “He/She/They”.

No Message Content

A message without substance will not generate interest for people to help promote you, and may even be rejected as spam. Be creative and engaging in your message to increase your chances of being promoted to new audiences.

Objectionable, Offensive, or Misleading Language

This will result in fewer or no people recommending your content. Remember, you are asking people within the CoPromote community who aren’t part of your network to recommend you. Be sincere and clear in your message as it’s a representation of your work.

No Similarities In Interests

CoPromote is a growing community of people who are promoting content to niche markets. Sometimes your niche just doesn’t fit well with the other people we send your Promotion Request to the first time around. Hashtags are a great way to help people identify with what you are promoting (i.e. #robotcity, #funkrock). Try out a different message and be descriptive. In most cases, you will earn more recommendations the next time.

Bad or No Link Present

Make sure the link you add to your promotion works first. When confirming a promotion, review the message first and check you included the right link because it cannot be changed. If promoting a link for a Facebook page post, make sure your page is publicly visible to everyone.

Post/Spam Control

In order to prevent people from abusing the system to gain Karma Cash and over-message, we limit the number of promotions any member can accept on any given day to 3 (once in the morning/noon/evening).

When people review their promotion requests, they are likely to choose the best messages which will fit well with their fans. If your messages are not compelling, they will likely be passed over in favor of better messages.

Low Karma Cash Balance

Not having enough Karma Cash means less opportunity for gaining new Fan Reach and people recommending your content.

The number of recommendations and fans reached per promotion you earn is directly dependent on how much Karma Cash is in your balance. See Get Karma Cash to earn more for your promotions.


Social Connections (4)

How Do I Connect My Social Networks?

To run promotions on CoPromote, we require you to link at least 1 social network from Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. This is so that you can get your content shared and also share content by other members.

Click your name up top and access the Settings, then Social Networking tab.

You can connect up to 1 unique social page from Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr. Your pages must have at least 1 existing fan or follower, share-friendly, and should be publicly visible.

When connecting a new network, we will request permissions to update your accounts, send email you notifications and access your networks and images. Connecting an account enables us to post promotions to your page feed.

CoPromote will never manage or modify any of your account information.
We never post anything without your permission to your connected pages, only content you approve and recommend.

See How Do I Connect My Facebook Page?


How Do I Connect My Facebook Page?

Connecting your Facebook page to CoPromote makes it easy to pull in recent posts and other media such as photos and videos to promote, one-click login to CoPromote, and use our Facebook app:


To connect your Facebook page to CoPromote, you will need to first be logged in as your personal profile. This is so you can select which page to connect to our site.

If you have not registered an account on CoPromote yet, click the fb_signinbutton on the homepage.

Select the page from your Facebook pages you want to promote with. Confirm permissions and it will be connected to your CoPromote account.

If you have an existing CoPromote account, login using your email address and access your Settings > Social Networking.


  • We can only access public pages and your posts must be set to public.
  • You cannot connect the same page to more than one account on CoPromote.
  • We cannot connect to private profiles and we cannot work with Facebook Groups.
  • Make sure that you have administrator privileges to manage the page.
  • Make sure you select the right page to feature and share content with if you have multiple pages.
  • Make sure that you have at least one fan on the page.
  • If you have difficulties connecting a page, try logging out of your Facebook account first.
  • If you do not have an existing Facebook page, you can create one here: facebook.com/pages/create.

Learn more about Facebook pages.


Why Can’t I Connect My Social Pages To CoPromote?

If you see this message when trying to connect a social account:

“This page is already connected to another account. Contact support@copromote.com for help.”

you have already previously created an account on CoPromote.

To resolve this, login to CoPromote directly using the page you are trying to connect to in the Exchange. You will be logged into the CoPromote account your page is connected to. Disconnect the page or close the account from the account settings.

Another option is to disconnect your authorization to CoPromote in your network’s app settings. See below:



Under Apps, click CoPromote to remove the app and connection from your page.





Once the authorization is removed, you will be able to connect your page to your CoPromote account.



Connect Media: SoundCloud, Vimeo, and WordPress

SoundCloud, Vimeo, and WordPress is directly integrated to CoPromote, and you can also login to your account if you have a WordPress account.

Connecting these accounts will allow you to feature your content on CoPromote to other members of the community. Additionally, linking your content – posts, sounds, or videos, incentivizes other community members to recommend you and connect with you on your social pages.

  1. To connect your SoundCloud, Vimeo, or WordPress account, click on your avatar and access the Settings > Media.
  2. Follow the steps to connect your account and select which media you would like to display in your profile. Content you select will be visible when other people see your Promotion Request.

Note: Your SoundCloud tracks and/or Vimeo videos need to be set to Public and available for app sharing.