What Is CoPromote?
CoPromote is a free co-marketing platform to help content creators boost their social shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to new target audiences. Our community of 350,000+ members includes authors, artists, bloggers, brands, businesses, designers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, tastemakers, and more.

Use CoPromote to boost your social posts. This means getting a social post re-shared and retweeted by other members of the community.

Select a post you want shared and we match you with other like-minded, trusted influencers to share your content directly to their followers to get it viral. CoPromote tracks new shares and engagements for every post you boost so you know exactly who is sharing your content and how engaged it is.

Join CoPromote to grow your influencer network and also find new content to share to your followers. It's quick, simple, and effective.

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What Post Should I Boost?

Understanding how you can make your post stand out and get other people’s attention to share it is essential to your social media marketing success. Create or select an existing post from your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr page that will drive attention to your content.

100 characters is the sweet spot for grabbing the attention of new people to engage with your post and re-share it. Include a short description of the content you want to get boosted and a link to the content or media.

Here are a few examples:

    RT @NickyDigital Join me! DL @Wendr and plan the #BestNightOut to become featured. {Link URL} #free #app

    Like alternative music? Check out (ARTIST NAME) and get a free track. {Link to URL/i.e. SoundCloud track} #songofthesummer #alternative

    How is @CoPromote free to use? We leverage your followers & sharing activity. #KarmaCash More info http://copromote.com

    Posts that contain links to media or a site with an image or gallery often perform better to increase additional shares and engagements to your content when it is reposted.

    Share images. Images that pop out and attract attention can cut through the walls of text on a newsfeed when your post is shared. Pair images with a solid call to action to get some great results.

    Create a discussion in your post that will allow visitors to comment on a media post to drive engagement and virality to your content.

    Consider adding a hashtag or two that relates to your content. Include your Twitter handle so others know where the content came from and can follow you back.

    If you are promoting something time-sensitive, such as an event, contest, or limited time offer, schedule your promotion in advance and mention your deadline in your post.


How Do I Connect My Facebook Page?

To use CoPromote, we require all members to connect a Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr page with at least 1 fan or follower.

Connecting your Facebook page to CoPromote makes it easy to pull in your recent posts, including photos and videos to promote, one-click login to CoPromote, and use our Facebook app: apps.facebook.com/copromote

To connect your Facebook page to CoPromote, you will need to first be logged in as your personal profile so you can select which page to connect to our site.

New to CoPromote? Go to CoPromote and click the button: fb_signin

Select the page from your Facebook pages you want to promote with. Confirm permissions and it will be connected to your CoPromote account.

If you have an existing CoPromote account, login using your email address and access your Settings > Social Networking.


We cannot connect to private Facebook profiles, group pages, or pages that are not publicly visible.
You cannot connect the same Facebook page to another CoPromote account.
You must be an administrator of the Facebook page you want to connect with.
Connect the Facebook page you want to get your posts shared and to feature new content by other members.
If you have difficulties connecting a page, try logging out of Facebook first.
If you do not have an existing Facebook page, you can create one here: facebook.com/pages/create.

Learn more about Facebook pages.


How Do I Share Other Member Posts?

Click “Share” from the top menu to see fresh new content to share to your followers.

Check out the link that is included for posts that seem interesting to you to share. Confirm you want to share a post by clicking the “Share” button. Don’t like something? Just hit the thumbs down icon for that post.


The Reach number is your current number of followers who will see the post you have chosen to share.

What is the incentive to share?

Sharing posts will also boost the visibility rank of your own boosted posts appearing in other member requests to be shared.

Members who you have shared or shared your post once are 97% more likely to support you again.

Every time you share another member’s post you earn Karma Cash toward your own promotions and a new connection is added to your CoPromote Network.

Sharing posts by other CoPromoters supports good content curation from our community and helps spread the word for that member and you.


What Is Karma Cash?

Karma Cash is CoPromote’s virtual currency and value proposition for earning new social shares and reaching new audiences for posts you boost on our platform.

When other members share your post, you pay for that social share with Karma Cash. Karma Cash is automatically deducted from your account proportionate to the number of new fans that will be reached for each person that shares your post.

1 Karma Cash = 1 New Fan Reach
10,000 Karma Cash = 10,000 New Fan Reach


The more Karma Cash you have, the greater the opportunity of getting new shares by other members, increased fan reach and engagements, and to run more successive promotions on CoPromote. CoPromote incentivizes all members to share new content to build their influencer network and reach more audiences without spending any real money.

Earn Karma Cash for your boosted posts by sharing new posts, inviting your friends, or upgrading to one of our membership plans such as the Pro plan.

Every time you share another member’s post, you earn Karma Cash. The amount of Karma Cash earned is based on the number of followers you have for Twitter and Tumblr and number of new engagements – Likes, Comments, Clicks, and Shares – your shared post receives for Facebook.



How Do I Track My Boosted Posts?

Click “Track” in the top menu to see your current and past activity for posts you have boosted. Click the “Promotion Details” button for any single promotion. The Amplification Score indicates how many new people you reached through new shares on Copromote compared to your normal reach if you only shared to your own followers. When your post gets shared by other members, CoPromote schedules to repost your post on their social networks. Currently, this will automatically post in 1 of 3 time slots for any single day: 11 AM, 3PM, and 7PM EST.

Posts you boost are rated from 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the best, based on 3 criteria: 1. Your Acceptance Rate: Impressions vs. Shares. How many people have viewed your promotion request versus how many people shared your message. 2. Reposts: Total number of times your post gets posted for each new share. 3. Viral Engagements: Total Clicks, Likes, Favorites, Retweets, and Comments.


How Do I End A Promotion?

Promotions run for a duration of 14 days. During this time, your boosted post will be available for other members to share from their Requests feed.

To end a promotion early, click “Track” in the top menu and click “Promotion Details”. In the Promotion Details window, scroll down and click the “Stop This Promotion” button.


This will end your promotion from getting new shares and set the status of your promotion to Withdrawn. Members who have already agreed to share your content will still post as scheduled.


Why Can’t I Connect My Social Pages?

Make sure the page you are trying to connect has at least 1 follower and is publicly visible.

If you see this message when trying to connect a social account:

“This page is already connected to another account. Contact support@copromote.com for help.”

you have already previously created an account or have an active account on CoPromote. Logout and login again using the Sign In With… button to manage your existing account.

You can also disconnect the existing social network authorization to CoPromote in your network’s app settings to connect your page to another CoPromote account:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/home.php

Under Apps, click CoPromote to remove the app and connection from your page.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/settings/applications

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/settings/apps

Once the authorization is removed, you will be able to connect your page to your CoPromote account.