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CoPromote Launches Redesign And “Boost A Post”

Starting today, you can simply import your news feeds from your social networks to boost a post, posts will behave like native retweets and shares, and the entire site has a cleaner interface.

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  • Our new layout makes it easier for members to manage their accounts and launch promotions in just a few of clicks.
  • Register or log in with a social ID, connect your networks, pick a post to boost, track its performance, boost other members’ posts to add content to your news feeds and grow your network – all in a few seconds. Navigate by clicking on the ShareTrack and Boost tabs.

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Boost a Post

  • The message creation box has been replaced with “Boost a Post”, which imports members’ Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr news feeds – eliminating the need to write a custom message from scratch. To select a post for boosting, simply tab through your connected networks. Adios, “Create a Promotion” box! 
  • An added benefit to “Boost a Post” is that messages post as native retweets or shares. Members no longer have to add “RT” or “Via” to posts, or worry about attribution. Followers will see the posts and recognize them as regular retweets or shares by others. The engagements will be counted on the original post, so the owner will see it on their news feeds.

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This is new to me…. how do I enter a custom message like before?

To use CoPromote, all members need to have an existing Facebook page, Twitter or Tumblr account in order to get their content shared. Pages and tweets must also be publicly visible. If you don’t have a social page setup, click the links here to sign up:


To share content from your WordPress blog, media, or website, simply post the message you want shared as a new post or tweet on your social account and include the link to the content.

Then, you can select the new post for your new promotion when you click Boost. Voila!

Why did we make these changes?

We want your messages to get shared. Making it easier to import your news feeds and share posts natively will result in higher quality posts, more shares, and a better experience for everyone!

We always welcome feedback, so please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Login and Boost a Post

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Top 10 Points of Influence: Word of Mouth Has Biggest Impact on Purchase Decisions

A recent study by Google, advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather, and marketing research firm TNS identified the top 10 points of influence as they relate to purchase decisions.

The survey was done over 6 months and involved “2,458 recent purchasers of auto vehicles, beauty products and smartphones.”

Not surprisingly, at number one is “word of mouth.” Below are the top 5. Click through for the top 10.

  1. Word of mouth (74%)
  2. Retailers and store visits (69%)
  3. YouTube – how-to videos, product visualization, entertainment (64%)
  4. Twitter (61%)
  5. Company/brand websites (59%)

How can you use word of mouth, and the tools in the top 10 to generate buzz about your product and content? However you decide to get the word out, CoPromote is happy to help by connecting you with similar content creators who are happy to share your posts and help you get the word out.

Source: Campaign@Cannes



CoPromote CEO Q&A with The Makegood: Increase Views on your Promotions with the CoPromote Platform

CoPromote CEO Mike More was featured in a Q&A on the media and technology blog, The Makegood.

In the interview titled Increase Views on your Promotions with the CoPromote Platform, he highlights how CoPromote’s post exchange platform empowers content creators of all kinds to reach compatible, new audiences, and scale their marketing network on the social web – quickly, easily, and in many cases, for free.

The members with the best content get the most shares and the most out of CoPromote. On average we can help our members get 26x more new shares per social post. As members use CoPromote, we help them build a network of people who like and share their content. CoPromote members who share content from fellow members are 97% likely to share content from that member a second time.

He also mentions our latest project in the works: CoPromote’s mobile app.

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Click through to read more:

Sign up for CoPromote and start sharing your content with thousands of new people beyond your own social circle:


Product Update: New “How It Works” Page

We have updated CoPromote’s How It Works page to give new users a quick preview of how CoPromote’s platform helps content creators reach new audiences by exchanging social posts.

Scroll through to see how easy it is to register, choose a post for sharing, and watch it spread on the social web through people just like you.

The more posts you exchange through our community, the larger your CoPromote network becomes, and the more new people you reach with every post – for free!

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