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The workplace is the battlefield for adults. Here, you must be brave to meet opportunities and challenges. But sometimes, you need some matching skills to stand out from the crowd. Your wearing philosophy is the expression of self-style. In the face of different occasions, you should always show the best state: release passionate creativity in the work; stay calm at the meeting; interpret the fashion charm at the party; exude elegance in the dinner.

“Self-presentation” at the Conference

Meetings are an important occasion in the workplace. How to express yourself to win the favor from leadership is a compulsory course for a workplace. In the eye-catching formal occasions, it is a must to speak good, but the details of the accessories can inadvertently show the true attitude. Every elite in the workplace has a watch with exclusive style. The steel watch with simple lines is matched well with a smart suit. The logo is replaced by bees and stars. The understated but hidden edge is simple but not simplicity, just as your work attitude in the workplace.

Gucci G-Timeless Wristwatch

Elite women in the workplace, the meticulous image makes people feel incomprehensible, and always falls into the stereotype of “strong women”. With a small suit and a small watch, they add a touch of tenderness to the wrist to ease the serious atmosphere. The cold and hard wind brought by steel and PVD materials is matched with the cute cat animal pattern, combining of softness and softness as well as gas field and affinity, which showcase the modern professional women’s style without fear and difficulty. The Gucci G-Timeless series watches break the traditional design concept of the watch, redefining the beauty of the watch with a three-dimensional suspension effect, showing the extraordinary taste of the wrist.

Gucci G-Timeless Wristwatch

“Bright Eye Talks” at the Party

Weekend gatherings are both an exciting Casual Day and a great time to expand your network. Pick a piece with a story, talk about the connotation, and let your friends shine on your eyes. Gucci’s new watch recreates the classic elements. The stripe pattern was originally designed by Gucci in the 1950s. The green-red-green stripe is also the iconic classic element that Gucci has been using for a long time. It is now used in the dial and strap, which is intended to pay tribute to the brand’s classics and is also the best piece to match the casual style.

Gucci TimeToParr Models

Gucci G-Timeless Striped Watch

Tips of stealing the spotlight in Dinner Banquets

Gold ornaments, like diamonds, are always good friends of women. If you match the gold ornaments with the gemstones, you will not only avoid the golden age, but also the ingenious mix and match will be better than the single element, highlighting the delicate texture. In the occasion of dinners or annual meetings, the stars are shining and the clouds are shining. Le Marché des Merveilles collection jewelry with elegant dresses, 18K yellow gold with pink Opal stone or black onyx set with diamonds, the moment you wear it, it is different, since exquisite accessories will easily attract the audience.

Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles Collection Jewelry

Careful Matching Skills in Workplace

Can’t stand the same dress code in black and white dress? Paired with a delicate silver color jewelry will make you more vibrant. The Blind for Love collection silver jewelry with black spinel perfectly echos the color of the assembly, rejecting thousands of people and making you stand out. Start with your styling, inspire creativity and enjoy yourself with beautiful shapes while you are busy in work.

Gucci Blind for Love Series Jewelry

Face the different moments in the workplace with a variety of styles, let the poetic aesthetic accessories express a different professional attitude.

Power Reserve is one of the functions that define the characteristics and limitations of the watch, which determines the maximum running time of the watch (after each full string), in other words, after removing it from the wrist (automatic movement depends on the wearer’s movement without interruption), or twice the winding gap (manual movement, manually wounds at regular intervals), the longest time the watch continues to run. According to the wearing habits, the power reserve has also experienced significant development.

Chopard L.U.C Heritage Grand Cru Wristwatch with 65-hour Power Reserve

Before talking about the growth of the watch’s power reserve, you first need to be aware that these numbers should be treated with reservations. As the barrel continues to release energy, the watch will gradually lose its precision. The mechanical movement relies on a constant power supply to maintain accuracy, and in the last four or five hours, the power supply is declining and the accuracy of the watch is greatly impaired. Therefore, we need to subtract the part from the given number to ensure that the watch continues to display the correct time after the memory is exhausted.

Urban Jürgensen The Alfred Watch with 72-hour Power Reserve

Movements more than 30 years ago often follow traditional norms, which provide 38 or 42 hours of power reserve, corresponding to a six-day work week, which is the norm for a long time in the past. As weekends become more popular, the 38 or 42 hour power reserve is somewhat out of place. However, in the 1960s and 1970s, the watchmaking industry had other concerns, mainly to equip the wrists of the developed world with affordable watches as quickly as possible. Then, in the 1980s, mechanical watchmaking brands struggled to cope with quartz shocks. As a result, the power supply of the watch movement has stagnated for a long time. In addition, intrinsic friction, size reduction and cost constraints are also responsible for the slow progress.

Rebellion T2M Timepiece with 83-day Power Reserve

At the turn of the century, the diameter of the watch is enlarged, and the number, size, and energy stored in the barrel also increase. At the same time, the idea of having multiple watches began to dominate. Many customers choose to buy two watches, one for work and the other for leisure. The watch for work needs to increase the power reserve to ensure continuous operation from this Friday night to the following Monday morning. As a result, 60 or 65 hours of power reserve began to emerge, in fact, it has become the standard for the development of the latest generation of movements in the past five years.

IWC Portofino Hand Wound Moon Phase Edition 150 Years Watch with 8-day Power Reserve

Buyers’ hobby for more advanced features has spawned many movements with power reserves of 8 days, 9 days, or even 10 days. The standard is inherited from the long shell clock and pocket watch, which is equivalent to more than a week after the full string, very convenient. These movements are usually equipped with multiple large barrels and are designed manually. After all, the addition of an automatic mechanism makes them look too bulky.

A. Lange & Söhne Lange 31 Watch with 31-day Power Reserve

The pursuit of high performance has driven the power reserve to break through the limits. The A. Lange & Söhne Lange 31 is a large (46 mm diameter, 16 mm thick) watch that is almost no longer suitable for wearing. This watch has a power reserve of up to 31 days and comes with a dedicated winding key to save your fingertips.

Hublot Big Bang MP-11 3D Wristwatch with 14-day Power Reserve

Hublot uses the Bugatti cylinder design to increase the number of barrels in MP series, providing a series of extreme power reserves for 10 days, 16 days, 40 days, or even 50 days. The brand even developed a dedicated electric Torx stylus for the winding operation of the ultra-long power reserve movement. The Rebellion T1000 wristwatch has a power reserve of 1,000 hours, while the large T2M watch (58.7 mm in diameter) lasts for 83 days before the upper shaft is hidden in the bezel. Obviously, the pursuit of performance often affects ergonomic considerations, as the extreme watches are always like that.