Boost Your Posts On The Go With Our New iOS App!

Reaching new audiences just got easier with our new iOS app!



Here’s how to Boost, Share and Track Facebook and Twitter posts on the go:

1. Boost: to notify similar members your posts are ready to share.
2. Share: other members’ posts to earn Reach for your own boosts.
3. Track: your boosts to engage new audiences who share your interests.

It takes a few seconds to boost and shares can start within minutes. Try it and watch your notifications for results!

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New Profile Pages and How To Use Them

CoPromote’s new user profile pages are now live. Here’s what they look like and how you can use them to get to know the community better. This is part of an ongoing upgrade to profile pages, so stay tuned for more!

Hover Previews

Hover over avatars for a quick overview of the person sharing your post.

You will see:

  • The networks they have connected
  • The interests they have selected
  • Their follower count
  • if they’ve CoPromoted with you before


Profile Pages

Click on the avatars to view that CoPromoter’s full profile page.

You will see:

  • How many of their own posts they’ve boosted
  • How many shares their boosts have received
  • How many new people they’ve reached through their boosted posts
  • The social networks they have connected
  • The interests they have selected
  • Posts they have boosted in the past


Complete Share Lists

To see the full list of members sharing a particular post, click on the total number of shares.



In-Profile Sharing

If a member has any active boosts, and you have interests in common, you can re-share directly from their profile.


Member ID Number

In the URL, you will be able to see their member ID number. You can use this number when you contact community support about a specific member.

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Product Update: New Track Page!

We’re updating our platform design to make boosting, sharing and tracking posts easier and more informative. Check out the first step in our new Track page!

Across the top, you can see a summary of all your activity:

  • Posts you boosted
  • Shares you have received from CoPromote’s community
  • New People reached via CoPromote shares

On the left, you can click through the social networks tabs to see the boosts you’ve shared on that channel. Available for connection at the moment:

  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter profiles
  • Tumblr blogs

Above your posts, you can use the filter so sort by type of posts:

  • Active boosts
  • Complete boosts
  • Canceled boosts

As always, to see the Details panel for any Boost, simply click on any of the metrics.
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Product Update: Moderation and Filtering Tools

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.58.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.57.50 PM

CoPromote is now moderating content. Here’s how you can help share more of what you love.

Why is this necessary?

We have over 500,000 members and share thousands of posts per day. Some posts may not be right for you or your followers. These tools provide a way to manage the types of posts you are asked to share.

How Will This Improve Sharing?

CoPromote’s algorithm, Affinity Rank™, matches members based on interests in their profiles and the categories they target when they boost a post. Members who share interests are more likely to share each other’s posts; those who don’t, aren’t.

How does it work?

1. Look in your Share queue.
2. Next to each request you can click an X and select the reason.
3. Flagged posts will be held for review by our support team.
4. Members will receive email notifications depending on whether the content is approved or rejected.

The Attention Economy And How To Get Your Share Of It


Attention. Everyone wants it. No one has any to spare.

As social marketing takes over traditional advertising and publicity, consumers are ever more inundated with messages on all of their various devices around the clock.

How can you avoid being lost in the shuffle? Every case will be different, but these great, basic points are a good place to start. Head over to Percolate to read the rest.


Set your standards high and keep re-evaluating them.


When you’re interesting, timely and visually compelling that’s a lot closer to a recommendation than an interruption, and it delivers superior campaign ROI.


Write aspirational headlines, keep copy short, pique curiosity early and make sure your content is accompanied by a compelling, relevant image or video.


If your average typical customer checks their phone more than 100 times daily and you’re on the home screen, that’s 36,500+ organic icon impressions a year, completely effort free.